Who are we serving?

We are working with orphaned children, the elderly poor and partnering with organizations that serve this population.

New Hope Children’s Center Uplands, Nairobi

This orphanage is run by a retired couple.  It was originally set up to cater to girls but also started taking in boys as the need arose. Currently there are 150 children from toddlers to many boys and girls who have graduated college. The home also supports 50 children from the surrounding community by paying school fees for them. This home continues to be a safe haven for suffering children for miles around. Unfortunately they are unable to take every one that is brought to their facility due to limited space and resources.

The home has completed a large building project that is providing suitable living conditions for the children.

An FVI Success Story:

In addition to some general expense support, in 2008 FVI undertook the electrification project for New Hope Children’s Center.

Though the home had a well for the previous three years prior to FVI's partnership, the children and workers continued to purchase water daily and travel for miles with a donkey for water. This was because the well was very deep and required electricity to pump the water to the surface. The need was not just for the connection of electricity, but for a transformer as well because there was none in the area.

Though FVI’s efforts, on April 10th 2008, electricity was connected to the home!  This has been cause for much rejoicing and thanksgiving and the project cost has been paid in full.

Benefits of electricity to the home:

  1. Savings from pumping water to the home.
  2. Savings on the cost of power because there is no need to fuel the generator daily.
  3. Income generating opportunity from selling water to the community.
  4. Opportunity to help the old and very poor people with free water in the community.
  5. Use of the water to irrigate their land. The home can then work towards becoming self sufficient where farm produce is concerned.
  6. Providing the transformer to the community is a blessing because nearby households have the opportunity to connect electricity to their homes. 

In the past, it has been our pleasure to donate towards the trauma counseling program - Bible Society of Kenya, Son’s of King Jesus Children’s Home - Kitengela, Kenya, Hawa Children's Center - Kitengela, Kenya, Shahika Ministries - Foumban Cameroon among others.


  1. General running expenses for the children's home; food, school fees, medical supplies
  2. 150 Bookbags for the 2014 school year with books, pens and pencils.
  3. Funding for continued trauma counseling for staff and children
  4. Extending trauma counseling to other children's facilities in Kenya


  1. Support for running expenses for New Hope Children's Home
  2. Purchase and installation of Electric transformer that supplies electricity to the children's home; This has enabled the pumping of water from a deep well for everyday use and provided easy access to electricity for people in the village.
  3. Fish farm that ran in 2008 and 2009.
  4. Purchase of an income-generating van; The proceeds were used for school fees, to build toilets for the boys dormitories and school supplies for the children. The van is now used for transportation at the Children's home.
  5. Blankets and sweaters supplied to needy grandmothers in the community around the children's home.
  6. Completion of a week of children trauma counseling for 28 adults from various children's home with one on one counseling for all the children residing at New Hope Children's Center.
New Hope feels proud and honored to be associated with FVI.
— Mrs. Ann Chege, New Hope Children's Center Director